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XINESS is an IT company that provides a variety of systems development.
We support various SW developments, from front-end systems to back-end systems.

In the 4th industrial revolution, XINESS, with its vision of “a company specialized in Human-Tech, human-centered technology” aims to showcase the human-centered emotional technology that can be deployed in a new world. In order to be active in the global IT market, we want to strengthen our global competitiveness, develop a variety of IT technologies, and further deliver a human-centered life where technology has melted.

Based on strategic analysis of the latest IT trends, we are exploring new areas of IT business through IT technology initiatives in a variety of areas to create a new IT life paradigm. In addition, based on the diverse projects and accumulated skills experienced over 15 years, we focus on customer satisfaction by providing IT solutions development and IT consulting.

We promise to be a evolving company where employees enjoy growth, a company that customers trust, and a company that shares shared growth with partners. With the technology for people and the power to deliver what people want, we are going to make the new world in the future.

About Us

XINESS pursues human-centered technology, Human-Tech.

We run a technology-driven business that is focused on the technology that humans want and that humans need
We have a technology development-driven organizational form to respond to advanced technologies.

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Business Area

XINESS pursues human-centered technology, Human-Tech. We run a technology-driven business that is focused on the technology that humans want and that humans need.

  • CMS Solution Delivery

    We have a Content Management System (CMS) solution that provides the ability to manage and distribute various formats of digital content

  • SI Development

    We performs System Integration(SI) development, including system integration and interworking of customers' systems, database system design, back-end system and administrator system development, API design and development

  • Smart Health

    We develop and provide an Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training system that maximizes exercise effects

  • SMART S/W Development

    We develop a variety of service apps that are optimal for your needs and even support your service operations

  • Development of DIGITAL CONTENTS

    We develop diverse multimedia contents including 3D games.


XINESS has a technology development-oriented organization to realize human-centric technology, Human-Tech.

R&D Center

It is responsible for overall technology development, including IT technology research, solution development, service development, and service operation.

Planning Dept.

It is in charge of business planning, service planning, system planning and marketing.

Management Dept.

It is responsible for management support, accounting management, etc.




Since its inception in 2004, XINESS has been working to deliver human-centered technology, Human-Tech, and will continue to do so.


04 Arrangements for AI Convergence Lead Project


01 Agreement for an IITP ICT Technology development project


04 Agreement for ICT convergence industry development project


02 Signing Microsoft Title Licensing Agreement
03 Signing Nintendo Wii U Content License Agreement
05 Agreement for the next generation game content production project of KOCCA.
07 Agreement for Digital Content Source Technology development project
09 Agreement for Site-Specific Technology development project


12 Agreement for Industrial-Academic Cooperation Technology Development Projects
12 SKT API Contest Excellence Award: school zone safety driving app i-safe
12 Signing Sony Global Developer & Publisher Agreement


05 ‘Gate7’ Overseas Travel Information Service Launching


05 WIS 2010 Participation: escube DCRS
11 Winning Korea IT Innovation Awards


04 Capital increase (4.9 billion)
06 WIS 2009 Participation: escube DCRS/DCMS
07 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award 2009 for Digital Contents: escube DCRS


09 Agreement for Application Development project of Information and Communication Promotion Fund: Development of SW Building-Test Automatic Platform


08 Selected as a Venture Company
08 Selected as an INNO-Biz Company
09 Agreement for Electronic Commerce Technology Development project of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy: Development of Digital Content P2P Marketplace Platform


06 Capital increase (3.6 billion)
07 Capital increase (400 million)


01 Change the name to ‘XINESS Co., Ltd.’
04 Agreement for Competitiveness project of Ministry of Information and Communication’s Industry: Development of HL7 SDK for Mobile u-Health


01 Establishment of K-Lab Inc.
05 Signed an MOU with Widerthatdotcom Inc.
11 Capital increase (200 million)

Digital Contents Management System

escube DCMS

It is a platform solution that provides relevant functions for easy control of each phase of the digital content life cycle, such as the creation, publishing, and distribution of digital content.
Detailed modules are designed to be integrated into the existing system with ease.


  • Content Integrated Management: Provides efficient management of content and meta-information
  • Various statistics: Numerical data and graphical statistical data are provided via web, file, etc.
  • Workflow Support: Automated internal content creation, editing, and approval to facilitate task sharing and communication between each user
  • Various Content Acceptance: Flexible acceptance of various Content Types, such as Music, Video and e-book, to provide product configuration
  • Support for various content registration methods: Registration by XML, batch work in addition to case-by-case registration
  • System portability: Flexible interworking with other applications

Digital Contents Re-packing-sale System

escube DCRS

It is a platform solution that supports purchasing and reselling various digital content and distributes revenue to customers, service providers, content providers, and content creators.


  • Digital Content Management: Provides management for each lifecycle stage of digital content creation, archiving, and distribution
  • Various Content Acceptance: Flexible acceptance of various Content Types, such as Music, Video and e-book, to provide product configuration
  • Digital Content Merchandise: Supports various product types of digital content
  • Certification of Digital Assets for Customers: Validate ownership of digital products purchased by customers
  • Revenue distribution management : revenue distribution to each participant, including service provider, content provider, content creator, resale customer, etc.
  • System portability: Can be added to existing operating systems in a short period of time.

Build and Test Observer

escube BTO

It is a Building & Testing platform solution that automates build and test phases in a development process.
Automated feedback through automated build and test processes helps developers improve software quality and shorten build/test periods.
Administrators are provided with data on activity and quality control through various analyses and statistics.


  • Download source code, build script, test data, etc. and run it on a given schedule automatically
  • Modularization of each task required for build and test facilitates functional expansion
  • Report execution results to developers and administrators
  • Static analysis of source code, test code, and execution results to provide statistics and advice
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Support multi-platform and various types of DBMS

Smart Health

EMS Suit & S/W

Artificial intelligence(AI) based exercise prescriptions and a variety of exercise content are provided to help individuals perform effective exercise using Electronic Muscle Stimulatio (EMS) suits.

Wireless EMS Suit

  • EMS suit from Neoplan material used in diving suits
  • Strong durability
  • Convenient wear
  • Body type correction effect
  • Controls 24 Muscle Points
  • Very Small Wireless Controller

EMS Software

  • Offers customized exercise plans
  • Exercise performance data accumulation and reflection with smart devices
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based exercise prescription
  • Provides a variety of exercise content
  • Support for networking between people who exercise at home
  • Shared economization of professional trainers’ contents



Since its inception in 2004, XINESS has provided a wide range of IT technologies to many customers, including software development, solution delivery, service deployment and operation, and content development.


EMS GX for Gym App Development
EMS Personal App Development
Development of Smart Gym Solutions
Live Children’s Story Server System Development
5GX eSpace Cloud Modeling System Development
5GX T Real Cloud System Development


SKT T Real Cloud Advanced Development
SKT TAPI Operations
SKT T dev Portal and Service Operations
Establishment of Proapptec homepage
Implementation of KIDS AR Service
Development of LG Electronics IDWA LED configurator (Building B2B ID MKT/Sales Platform)
T&B Code Challenge Event Management Agency
Building ICON Developer Center
Develops and enhances the Cloud-aware Framework for T real Cloud
Development of Healthcare Devices Application
Development of Live Fairy Tale 2.0 server cloud platform
Development of eSpace Cloud Modeling Cloud Platform


Operation of TSM and Telkomsel arrangement service in Minting and Minting Construction
365mc Management App Maintenance
Operation and maintenance of the IUwell system
Develop data visual effects tools
Development of TBP Interlink for SKT TAPI Business
SKT RTCIOT Advanced Development_Planning and App Development
Development of Miracom Healthcare & Health Coach App
PS4 Market Research and QA Service
Additional Development of Digital Signage Advertising Platform
Reorganize and operate shopping mall


Information system maintenance (ASP service system operation support)
TSM and Telkomsel Enhancement Service for the Korea Mint Corporation
Implementing T-Fabric T API DevOps templates
Operate PEP4U shopping mall
A Study on the Site Reform of PEP4U Shopping Mall
Development of free roaming service based on MMS
LMS System Improvement Consulting


Technical support for developing game projects for consoles
Performing a content support project to support the production of next-generation gaming content
Creating and supplying advertising content
Mobile Advertising Platform Development
Additional Development of Digital Signage Advertising Platform
Operation and maintenance of PEP4U shopping mall
DCMS Solution Delivery
Construction of Art Platform


Development of SKP One ID Enhancement
SKP One ID Portal process improvement development
Operate SKP One ID Portal
KT Kibot Service Content Provided (English Classroom)
Development and operation of PEP4U shopping mall
Development of Digital Contents Re-Sale System Solution
Development of Samsung Electronics Paper Garden Store
Tiklmoa app development


SKP Video Color Ring ASP Business
SKP Integrated ID Development
SKP/SKP ONE ID PORTAL Implementation
SKP/SKP T-MAP KU Handle Server
Development and operation of PEP4U shopping mall


Development of SKT’s Image Color Ring ASP
Consulting and Development of Integrated ID for SKP
SKP Integrated ID Development
Technical operation of 4th year PEMS for Smart Grid Demonstration Project
Development of USIM Opening Technology Using SKT Packet Network (BIP)
Plug-in APP Store (PAS) server development
Development and operation of The Apps Play service
Plug-inAPP. Store Development and Operation
Development of Advertising Service Platform
Plug-in APP Store Server Maintenance
Development and operation of travel service platform
Development of National Fishing Point Information System (AP included)
One-ID design and publishing


Development of SKT’s Video Color Ring ASP Business
Development of Phase 2 EMS for Smart Grid 2
SKT PEMS Fourth Development
Development of Next Generation Platform for Melon (Back-End)
Development of Melon Offering System (Melon 2.0 Statistics, CMS Interlink)
Development of Integrated LG WORLD for CMS of LG Electronics’ LG APPs
Development of ERP System Interlink CMS for Packaging Materials
Development and Simulation of Facial Recognition Algorithm
Development of Skin Diagnosis Program
Planning/Designing/Developing B2C Sites


Development of SKT PEMS Platform
Bia 2 Team Planning and Design Support
Melon Next Generation Platform Deployment Analysis and Design
Improve the music collection process and establish a sound source database
Establishment of Hansol Inti-Cube/PNS Enterprise Sharing System
Development of a Web Site for Hanwha Damage Insurance Smart Phone
SKT Video Color Ring ASP
SKB BIZ. Retering Service Development
SKT PEMS Platform Development


Melon WAP Service Development Operations
Development and operation of the Avatar SMS service
Development and operation of MIM operation system
Deploying Live Agent Hub services
Development of SKT Phone Albums Storage Box Web
Development and operation of MIM & Live Agent
Quick Alimi Service Operation
Melon WIMS Development
Development of Internet Radio Portal Content Hub
Internet Radio Portal Player Server Development
SW for MLB system data management (DCRS, DCMS)
Develops Download Manager (UCI Code Scheme) modules
SKT Video Color Ring(MRBT, Multimedia Ring Back Tone) ASP


Operation of SKT’s image Color Ring ASP
Development and operation of character text service system
Development of Music Portal Based on Melon Web 2.0
SKT NATE Air Services and Public Service Channel Operations
Mellon WAP Service Development and Operations
Melon WAP Reform Development
Development of Music Portal Based on Melon Web 2.0


SKT MMS Experience Team Operation
Planning of Photo Text Manager and Operation of Photo DB
Development of Melon WAP Service Renewals
SKT NATE Air Broadcast Service and Public Service Channel Operation
Development of SKT T-meta (IMC) System
Additional Development of Melon Integrated Bulletin
Development of SKT MMS Experience Team
Melon Service (WAP) T-interactive Interlink Development
SKT NATE Air Structure Improvement
Development of SKT’s Image Color Ring ASP


SKT NATE Air Service Application/system Installation, Test, and Service Operations
Development of Food Safety Management (FSM) System
Development of Melon Music Asset Meta DB System
Development of Melon SMS MO Server
Development of Mobile RFID System
Development of Melon PDD (Portable Digital Device) Service
Second Development of SKT mBrowser
Development of Change of SKT CBS Broadcasting System in National Emergency Management Agency
SKT NATE Air CR Development
Developing and operating melon WAP services
Development of Melon Integrated Bulletin Service
Melon DB Tuning Consulting


SKT NATE Air Technical Support and Service Operations
Development of HL7 SDK for Mobile u-Health Service
Development of Mobile Application Management Pilot CDS
SKT IMS System Development Support
Development of Multiplayer Network Game Platform (MNGP) for SKT
Development of Melon Mobile Site for SKT mBrowser


SKT NATE Air System S/W and Application Technical Support
SKT NATE Air Service Operations
SKT Wireless NATE Wired Site Planning/Programming and Service Operations
SKT NATE Air Service Application/system Installation, Test, and Service Operations
SKT NATE Air-DCMF System Application Development
SKT NATE Air System Technical Support


The reason why XINESS is leading is because we start from a person who is happy to work.


In order to cope with the rapidly changing paradigm of technology such as the 4th industrial revolution, we place top priority on talent investment for the future.
For this purpose, we apply a systematic human resources development program to foster human resources that conform to our corporate strategy and individual development direction.

We are looking for developers who will work in high-tech industries such as SW Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Health, so please contact us anytime.

Please send your resume to : job@xiness.com



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